41 Club Challenge

logo-smallEvery year we have a night where we challenge the 41-Club. This is the club where overage Tablers go to right the worlds wrongs and beat us in quizzes.

We aren’t bitter of course as we take it in turns to organise the night. This year is was the 41-Club who organised and chose a skill they knew they would beat us in – intelligence. True to form, we got battered and that is putting it mildly. The final score was something like 15-5 but we will get our revenge next year when we decide the challenge – kick boxing it is then!

On a serious note, it is always a great night with lots of banter. Retired Tablers are always keen on hearing about what we are up to and there were a few jealous faces when we told them we were heading to the Munich Beer Festival this year. We want to thank the 41-Club for their hospitality and giving us a damn good kicking. In order to have a fighting chance in a few years, if there are any guys aged 18-45 who want to join us and increase the average IQ of the group, please get in touch!