Annual Rugby Day Out

Saturday 14th March; our annual trip to take in the hospitality of the local rugby clubs. This year we were back at Strathmore in Forfar as the guest of recent Tabler Gus Robb.

10322844_10206164923306139_3685086766798411658_nTen made the journey on the bus and somehow ten also returned! After starting off in Coast at 10:30, Ian haggled with the bus driver to get the best possible bus ticket however Ian’s ability to save our legs was sorely tested later in the day.

After enjoying a few beers, a good meal and some bottles of wine, there was apparently a rugby match going on which the home team eventually lost.

Later we took a 20 mile hike (or so it seemed) to a restaurant whose name I can’t remember but they did a decent mixed grill. Chairman Mark declined to finish both his peas and his beer before we headed back towards Arbroath for a stop-off in Letham.

Here the longest ever game of Killer took place on the dart board whilst BBC Alba played on the TV. Eventually we all made it back to Arbroath in pretty much one piece with hangovers awaiting us the following day.

Remember that you can come along next year – just get in touch and we’ll pick you up to come along to a few of our events and meetings before you make any form of decision – we’ll even pay for your beer and food!