Open Night 2015

Open Night 2015

This years Open Night for prospective new members was deemed a success as we welcomed three new prospective members to the Merchants Club in Arbroath for a night of snooker, pool, darts and table bowls. To be honest, the quality of play was pretty abysmal (although Jon surprisingly managed some fine snooker shots even after an afternoon trying too keep up with Colin!) but it was an enjoyable night for all. Whilst most of us disappeared to our homes at midnight, it would appear that a few members ended up in Coast with newest member Gogs wooing the dancefloor with his moves – if anyone has any video of this performance, please send it to us!

As always, we are on the look out for new members so if you want to enjoy a few beers (or tea – our recent AGM deemed tea was also acceptable) with a group of socially minded guys and help out the community with fundraising the community assistance, get in touch. We need more dancers with Gogs skills for this years Ladies Night routine!


Not sure what is going on with Mark's wobbly legs?

Not sure what is going on with Mark’s wobbly legs?

Armed Forces Parade

One of our favourite events took place in June – the local Armed Forces and Emergency Services Parade. We were happy to assist again stewarding in what tends to be our easiest day of the year (most people in the town are sensible and understand to stand back when a march is approaching, or know not to double park their car on the High Street when an artillery gun is heading their way – most, not all) and as always it was an absolute pleasure to watch the parade.

The main issues we encountered this year were outwith the parade – we forgot to collect the dias from outside the court (sorry about that and thanks to Jiving Jim for the use of his van!) and we then had to help a stranded Tables family get their car jump started. All part of the day…!

Tablers ready for the start of the parade.

Tablers ready for the start of the parade.

Meeting Update – Yorkhill Childrens Charity

At our latest meeting on Wednesday 3rd June we welcomed a number of guests. Two prospective members were present – one on his first visit who was happy to help us finish the Krucovice beer. We were also joined by Steve Taylor of Yorkhill Children’s Charity who told us his story and about the marvellous work that the charity do for the largest children’s hospital in Scotland. All present admired the work that was done and Steve’s emotional story hit home with a number of the fathers and uncles in the group.

Our guests were rewarded with a Chinese carry-out which for once, everyone agreed was pretty good. No dodgy stomachs on Thursday morning have been reported yet.

Business followed where after lots of deliberation, we sadly decided that we would be unable to send anyone down to Drayton Manor as part of Round Tables Biggest Wish. As Jamie wrote on Facebook:

Unfortunately, the care or transport needs of each nominated child were too great to go such a long way for one day out so regrettably we have been unable to send a child to The Biggest Wish day out.

We also reluctantly agreed to postpone our forthcoming Race Night event which was raising fund for Cafe Project due to another event being on in the town on the same night but will rearrange for later in the year.

Steve Taylor of Yorkhill Childrens Charity giving his talk to the Table

Steve Taylor of Yorkhill Childrens Charity giving his talk to the Table

Welcome Gogs!

Arbroath Round Table recently expanded its numbers again with the first new member of their 2015-16 year. After helping out at previous community events such as Toonfest and Ladies Night, and attending a few meetings to get a better understanding of the Tables aims and activities, Gordon ‘Gogs’ Lyall joined at a recent meeting in the Cafe Project. Due to the Domino’s that was ordered, his first meeting as a full member was rather windy and a little bit whiffy, but showing true grit Gogs joined in with the best…

Welcome Gogs!

Welcome Gogs!

AGM 2015

At the end of the April we held our Annual General Meeting at outgoing Chairman Mark Cargill’s house. Spurred on by a seemingly never ending supply of bacon rolls and chocolate eclairs, the business was done and Mark handed over to Lol Scragg incoming chairman for the coming year. Mark had a fantastic year as Chairman with a successful Toonfest and Ladies Night increasing from 80 attendees to 300. During his year we donated over £7,700 to good causes.

Following the official AGM business, the members all jumped onto a minibus and headed over to Piper Dam for some fresh air. With sessions on Quad Bikes, some crossbox shooting and rifle competitions we managed to get through the event without injury although a few of us got reprimanded for various offences! Afterwards we jumped back on the bus to enjoy a meal up in Pitlochry followed by a tour of the local establishments within the town.

All in all a great day and night was had by all and we are all looking forward to another excellent year of fundraising, donating, having a laugh and a few beers.

Big thanks to Mark and Louise for breakfast and Ian for organising a great day out!




Helping Arbroath Infirmary

Recently we were approached by Arbroath Infirmary Minor Injuries Unit to help them get a few new toys for the kiddies in the waiting area. We of course wanted to help and donated £250 to help keep the children occupied. Members of ART visited the unit to hand over the cheque to Senior Staff Nurse Fiona Doig.

Chairman Mark Cargill stated, “Arbroath Infirmary and it’s staff provide a fantastic service to the town. When they asked for our assistance to help purchase some toys for the waiting area we were only too happy to help out.”

Chairman Mark Cargill handing over the cheque to Fiona Doig

Chairman Mark Cargill handing over the cheque to Fiona Doig

Condor Marines Family Centre

This week, we donated £250 to the Condor Marines Family Centre to help them provide more fun for the children who attend. We even managed to keep the children still for a photo! Whilst you may well read about our boozy exploits, it is when we donate the funds raised and know they will make a difference to the local community that makes all the hard work organising events like Toonfest and Ladies Night worthwhile.

£250 donation to Condor Marines Family Centre

£250 donation to Condor Marines Family Centre

Does your local organisation in the town need a little help? Why not ask us? Just fill in the form via the Contact Us link and we will discuss your request at our next business meeting (first the third Wednesday’s of the month)

Annual Rugby Day Out

Saturday 14th March; our annual trip to take in the hospitality of the local rugby clubs. This year we were back at Strathmore in Forfar as the guest of recent Tabler Gus Robb.

10322844_10206164923306139_3685086766798411658_nTen made the journey on the bus and somehow ten also returned! After starting off in Coast at 10:30, Ian haggled with the bus driver to get the best possible bus ticket however Ian’s ability to save our legs was sorely tested later in the day.

After enjoying a few beers, a good meal and some bottles of wine, there was apparently a rugby match going on which the home team eventually lost.

Later we took a 20 mile hike (or so it seemed) to a restaurant whose name I can’t remember but they did a decent mixed grill. Chairman Mark declined to finish both his peas and his beer before we headed back towards Arbroath for a stop-off in Letham.

Here the longest ever game of Killer took place on the dart board whilst BBC Alba played on the TV. Eventually we all made it back to Arbroath in pretty much one piece with hangovers awaiting us the following day.

Remember that you can come along next year – just get in touch and we’ll pick you up to come along to a few of our events and meetings before you make any form of decision – we’ll even pay for your beer and food!


Angus Playscheme

Arbroath Round Table recently made a £75 donation to Melanie Ford and Vicki Mew from Angus Playscheme to help them take some of the children on a visit to Gayfield in April. We were happy to help and hopefully they will provide a bit of luck that the Lichties don’t have at the moment. We did warn them to wrap up warm and reminded them that Gayfield is the coldest place on earth!

The photo shows Melanie and Vicki accepting the donation from Chairman Mark Cargill at our new base in Cafe Project.