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We recently donated £1000 to Angus Womens Aid where treasurer Jamie Ross and Vice-chairman James Easton handed over a cheque.image1 (1)

At our recent Ladies Night, we made a donation of £500 to the Angus Domestic Abuse department of Police Scotland, to assist them in purchasing an essential mobile phone for victims of domestic abuse and violence in the area. These telephones can be a lifeline to victims providing them with a communication channel to family and a means to contact Police in an emergency. As the phones cost approximately £10 each, we were proud to donate £500 to provide 50 victims of domestic abuse with such a telephone.

At our September business meeting, we received a request from Knox’s Knit and Knatter Charity Knitting Group. The group, led by organiser Angela Pagan knit many items that they donate to charity. Their current project is called ‘Twiddlemuffs’ which is a knitted muff with items such as buttons and zips attached that are given to dementia patients to assist with restless hands. They provide a wonderful source of visual, tactile and sensory stimulation and after their first donation many more care homes requested them.

When they got in touch with us, we were more than happy to donate £500 in order to provide the wool to create 100 Twiddlemuffs which will benefit 20 people in 5 local care homes.

Pictured below, Tabler Paul McIntosh presenting the cheque to the group.

Paul presenting the cheque

Paul presenting the cheque


Recently we were approached by Arbroath Infirmary Minor Injuries Unit to help them get a few new toys for the kiddies in the waiting area. We of course wanted to help and donated £250 to help keep the children occupied. Members of ART visited the unit to hand over the cheque to Senior Staff Nurse Fiona Doig.

Chairman Mark Cargill stated, “Arbroath Infirmary and it’s staff provide a fantastic service to the town. When they asked for our assistance to help purchase some toys for the waiting area we were only too happy to help out.”

Chairman Mark Cargill handing over the cheque to Fiona Doig

Chairman Mark Cargill handing over the cheque to Fiona Doig

This week, we donated £250 to the Condor Marines Family Centre to help them provide more fun for the children who attend. We even managed to keep the children still for a photo! Whilst you may well read about our boozy exploits, it is when we donate the funds raised and know they will make a difference to the local community that makes all the hard work organising events like Toonfest and Ladies Night worthwhile.

£250 donation to Condor Marines Family Centre

£250 donation to Condor Marines Family Centre

Does your local organisation in the town need a little help? Why not ask us? Just fill in the form via the Contact Us link and we will discuss your request at our next business meeting (first the third Wednesday’s of the month)

Arbroath Round Table recently made a £75 donation to Melanie Ford and Vicki Mew from Angus Playscheme to help them take some of the children on a visit to Gayfield in April. We were happy to help and hopefully they will provide a bit of luck that the Lichties don’t have at the moment. We did warn them to wrap up warm and reminded them that Gayfield is the coldest place on earth!

The photo shows Melanie and Vicki accepting the donation from Chairman Mark Cargill at our new base in Cafe Project.

Donation to Angus Toy Appeal

Donation to Angus Toy Appeal

This is a question we are quite often asked, so we have created a dedicated area of the site just to list our donations. You will also see a totaliser at the bottom of the page detailing how much we have donated since 2010.

Head here for the latest information but the list below shows our donations over the past four years accurate to November 2014.


2014-present : £6,881

£250 – Ian Wren Bicycle Fundraising
£150 – Carol Johnston
£200 – Rock Challenge
£200 – Angus Canoe Club
£150 – Project Trust
£150 – Zoe Hutchison South Africa Trip
£500 – Arbroath Tennis Club
£4181 – Relay for Life
£300 – Arbroath Musical Society
£250 – Tayside Musketeers
£300 – Angus Toy Appeal
£250 – Arbroath Fireworks 2015

2013-2014 : £4,988

£169 – Arbroath Youth Team Kit Bags
£300 – Arbroath Academy Rwanda Trip
£150 – Karina Rattray Ghana Trip
£190 – Muirfield Playgroup Centre
£300 – Arbroath Rugby Club
£180 – Arbroath Artisans
£600 – Foster Group Trip
£150 – Inverbrothock Christmas Party
£350 – Tayside Musketeers
£180 – Arbroath Academy France Trip
£318 – Hedzup
£1000 – Skatepark Project
£1100 – Relay For Life

2012-2013 : £7,382

£300 – Adam Watson – Glut 1 Deficiency Syndrome
£400 – Arbroath Darts Academy
£100 – Gordon Highlander Museum
£250 – Dance Mania
£300 – Sea Cadets
£520 – 4th Arbroath Scouts Group
£500 – Community Council Fireworks Display
£400 – Ladies Netball Club
£250 – Arbroath Football Club Youth Teams
£1000 – Jonny O’Mara
£600 – Cot Death
£489 – Tablers Tea Party
£50 – Rich Cargill AM AM
£86 – Kev Bruce Clachaig
£300 – St Andrews Church Malawi Project
£377 – Basecamp
£100 – Help For Heroes
£300 – Fairy Box Charity
£300 – Arbroath Rugby Club
£100 – Horseback UK
£100 – Heartstart Recovery
£100 – Arbroath Lads Club
£300 – Arbroath RNLI
£150 – Abbey Scott Overseas Trip

2011-2012 : £5,082

£200 – Royal Observer Corp Museum
£450 – Women v Cancer
£200 – Spina Bifida / Rebecca House Carnoustie
£280 – St Andrews First Aid
£350 – Help for Abandoned Animals
£120 – Brookes Dream
£100 – Arbroath Academy Rock Challenge
£150 – Kymm Anderson – Project Trust Overseas Trip
£150 – Angus Special Playscheme
£1300 – Movember
£1182 – Relay for Life
£100 – Tayside Musketeers
£500 – Arbroath Cricket Club – Kwik Cricket

2010-2011 : £8,261

£250 – Spina Bifida Holiday Home
£100 – Abbey Playgroup
£150 – Arbroath Netball Team
£300 – Abbot Street Housing
£500 – Arbroath Cricket Club
£2641 – Relay for Life
£400 – Athletic Club
£500 – British Legion Pipe Band
£170 – St Murdochs Football
£300 – Dance Mania
£250 – Radio North Angus
£200 – Ladyloan School Out of School Club
£300 – Home Start
£300 – Cafe Project / Street Games
£300 – Arbroath Rhinos Rugby Club
£150 – Arbroath Care Homes
£500 – Brothock Shotokan Karate
£200 – Horseback UK
£500 – Malawi II
£100 – Muirfield School Playgroup
£150 – Jenna Swankie – Overseas Trip


Monday night, Arbroath Round Table organised a quiz as part of ITV’s national Text Santa fundraising campaign. All proceeds from the entry fee’s went towards ITV’s Text Santa charities, however we here in Arbroath did things a little differently. Whilst all proceeds went to Text Santa, we offered a £250 donation as a prize ourselves, to do to a local good cause.

10 teams turned up all trying to secure the donation to their chosen cause and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The winners were the team from the Arbroath Fireworks 2015 group and they will soon have a £250 boost to their funds courtesy of Arbroath Round Table.

We would like to thank everyone who came along and also the Townhouse in Arbroath for their wonderful hospitality (they also do pretty good breakfasts as well by the way!)


Before we walked the 50 yards to the Webster Theatre (see previous post), we had the pleasure of presenting two organisations with donations.

Firstly we presented £300 to Lynn Richards and Sharon Spink of Angus Toy Appeal which will go towards providing disadvantaged children in the area with a gift from Father Christmas this year. A wonderful cause I am sure will agree!

presenting a cheque for Angus Toy Appeal

We followed this by presenting £250 to Jenny Van Wees and Yhana Vam Wees of the Tayside Musketeers to help them in purchasing a new clock for their matches.

Tayside Musketeers receiving their cheque from Chairman Mark Cargill

All proceeds raised by usual Arbroath Round Table fundraising goes to support local good causes. If you want to get involved, get in touch with us, likewise if your organisation would benefit from our assistance or a donation. We look forward to hearing from you!