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Our first meeting of July had your Tablers heading to Arbroath Cricket Club to see how bad we were. Whilst the sound of cork on willow was heard, there were also yells of pain as Gog’s with the assistance of a dog throwing plastic thing, proceeded to injure most of us. Prospective member Ian nearly lost the family jewels and I myself got a ball to the nose courtesy of Gog’s yet again. Given his ability to scare the hell out of both batsmen and fellow fielders, he will be first on the list when we put our team in for the six-a-side competition on the 19th July!

After recovering from our wounds we headed back to the pavillion to enjoy a cricketing tea followed by a pint or two whilst learning more about the game from members of the club. We had a great evening and think that some Tablers may be converted to the game. If you want a good laugh, head down to the Cricket Club on 19th to see how bad we actually are.

Many thanks to Arbroath Cricket Club for their wonderful hospitality and allowing such bad cricketers to grace their nets!


for the record, Gogs dropped it!

for the record, Gogs dropped it!

At our latest meeting on Wednesday 3rd June we welcomed a number of guests. Two prospective members were present – one on his first visit who was happy to help us finish the Krucovice beer. We were also joined by Steve Taylor of Yorkhill Children’s Charity who told us his story and about the marvellous work that the charity do for the largest children’s hospital in Scotland. All present admired the work that was done and Steve’s emotional story hit home with a number of the fathers and uncles in the group.

Our guests were rewarded with a Chinese carry-out which for once, everyone agreed was pretty good. No dodgy stomachs on Thursday morning have been reported yet.

Business followed where after lots of deliberation, we sadly decided that we would be unable to send anyone down to Drayton Manor as part of Round Tables Biggest Wish. As Jamie wrote on Facebook:

Unfortunately, the care or transport needs of each nominated child were too great to go such a long way for one day out so regrettably we have been unable to send a child to The Biggest Wish day out.

We also reluctantly agreed to postpone our forthcoming Race Night event which was raising fund for Cafe Project due to another event being on in the town on the same night but will rearrange for later in the year.

Steve Taylor of Yorkhill Childrens Charity giving his talk to the Table

Steve Taylor of Yorkhill Childrens Charity giving his talk to the Table

AGM 2015

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At the end of the April we held our Annual General Meeting at outgoing Chairman Mark Cargill’s house. Spurred on by a seemingly never ending supply of bacon rolls and chocolate eclairs, the business was done and Mark handed over to Lol Scragg incoming chairman for the coming year. Mark had a fantastic year as Chairman with a successful Toonfest and Ladies Night increasing from 80 attendees to 300. During his year we donated over £7,700 to good causes.

Following the official AGM business, the members all jumped onto a minibus and headed over to Piper Dam for some fresh air. With sessions on Quad Bikes, some crossbox shooting and rifle competitions we managed to get through the event without injury although a few of us got reprimanded for various offences! Afterwards we jumped back on the bus to enjoy a meal up in Pitlochry followed by a tour of the local establishments within the town.

All in all a great day and night was had by all and we are all looking forward to another excellent year of fundraising, donating, having a laugh and a few beers.

Big thanks to Mark and Louise for breakfast and Ian for organising a great day out!





Quite a hectic agenda for this weeks meeting and we were joined by another prospective new member. After the core issues were taken care of (the chipper was chosen), we got down to business.

We heard a brief update on our Ladies Night event later in the year along with an update on a forthcoming event that is yet to be finalised.

Also discussed was a trip to Munich (picture above) later in the year to enjoy one or two small beers here and there, along with a discussion about what to do during our AGM (Annual General Meeting) in April which is likely to take the form of heading somewhere to do some quad biking followed by somewhere else to have a few drinks.

Steve and Marty went to pick up the chipper supper but returned questioning the order. Somehow a disaster had occurred and we were one fish supper short!!! Fortunately we were one burger supper over so the natural forces of balance were restored.

Before the meeting ended we discussed one or two donation request thatwe had received and also finalised numbers for a forthcoming trip to Forfar to watch the Rugby (although people seem to hope the game is off so we can enjoy the hospitality a bit more!)

As always, we invite all men aged 18-45 to come along to one of our meetings/events/days out to see what it is all about. No funny handshakes or anything, we are just normal guys doing our best to help out our local town.

 [EDIT: post updated from original article to mention the missing fish supper disaster!]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

So we had our first meeting of 2015 earlier this week. Our stock of beer was supplemented by holiday party leftovers and we decided to start the New Year with a new start of healthy eating – hence we ordered kebabs.

A few discussions were had, mainly over hanging TV’s on walls although more serious business involved approving a budget for this years Ladies Night.

An initial working-group was created for our Casino Night in a few months and basic logistics were discussed.

Throughout the evening there were mentions to the various hangovers achieved over the festive period but it was decided that these were down to the multi-coloured shots that were provided at various Tabler parties.

We currently have no outstanding requests for assistance or advice so if you are part of a local group that could benefit from Round Table advice or maybe a financial donation, just fill in the form via the Contact Us link on this page.

The meeting closed around 10:15.

Happy New Year to you all!


The first item on the agenda was to choose a different takeout after the last meetings shenanigans. Kebabs (nearly) all round were chosen and orders placed.

Further discussions took place regarding Santa visiting us in a few weeks and we heeded a request from Chief Helper that we tidy up his sleigh a wee bit therefore a few of us are going on a quick trip to Lapland on Saturday morning to apply a bit of undercoat. Hopefully Lapland B&Q is open on Saturday mornings!

We also continued discussions on potentially organising another large community event for 2015. We already have Ladies Night in the calendar but something before summer has been suggested. Watch this space for more info!

Finally, we realised that a load of guys eating kebabs does not bode well in a meeting room with little ventilation. We did manage to escape Steve’s ‘gifts’ to us all and the meeting closed around 10:30.

We don’t have any photo’s of the meeting, but we do have one of our Lapland trip!

Chairman Mark vs B&Q Value Trestle Tables...

Chairman Mark vs B&Q Value Trestle Tables…

Our first meeting at our new home at the Cafe Project had good attendance with one new prospective member coming along.

After opening the meeting, the first round of business was to decide what to have for dinner, although the order list seemed to take an age to go around the table. (For what it’s worth, dinner was quite a disappointment and took AGES to be ready!)

Items discussed were future events for 2015 and our forthcoming Santa Sleigh event on Sunday 14th December. For this year, Santa requested his sleigh have a bit of touch-up work so a few Tablers are looking into sprucing it up for Santa’s visit. Santa also made a strong request that this year we get a better driver, or at least one that can reverse around corners – this was taken onboard.

Other agenda items included what we were going to do for our Christmas Meal – the answer being not having it around Christmas and our round-up of reports from members.

It was also suggested that we work off our meal with an evening’s table tennis at the local sports centre, however nobody told the new members that one of our guys is  a proper ping-pong ringer like the Octopus in the Betfair ads.

Martin in his TV debut

The meeting closed just after 10:30.

We didn’t take any pictures of the food as we wanted no reminders of how bad some of it was, so here is a dog in a hat…

Which Round Tabler does this remind you of?