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10906115_847431308649850_3455770259801885858_nNot so long ago, we presented a donation to Arbroath Musical Society. As good friends of ours, we want to remind you all that their production of Spamalot is playing at the Webster Theatre Arbroath from 11th – 14th February with a Saturday matinee.

Lots of Tablers are going to go down to enjoy the show and give our support to a wonderful local group so why don’t you?

For more information head over to their Facebook page or checkout the Webster Theatre site at


What is your resolution? Losing weight? Making a new start? Giving up drinking? Let’s face it, most of us will conveniently forget about our resolutions before the end of January so why not do something you can stick with, will benefit yourself and others and allow you to meet new friends?

No matter what we do here at Arbroath Round Table, some people still have a perception that we are some strange secret society with induction routines and silly handshakes. Wrong.

Given the inaccurate perceptions, I thought I would give you a quick story about how and why I joined Round Table.

First let me say that I am not from Arbroath. I relocated up here back in 1999 with my family for work. Over the years I have made a few good friends in the town and had work colleagues in my offices in Dundee, however back in 2012 I decided I wanted to expand my friends network and maybe give something back to society.

I didn’t have a clue what to do but remembered hearing about Round Table at some point in my life. Like others, I thought it a strange club full of silly handshakes and suits and ties. However, after some encouragement from my wife who was probably keen to get me out from under her feet, I sent an email to ask for info.

I immediately got a response and was invited to a forthcoming meeting. I was told that because it was a visit to an external company, that I should dress smartly if possible and was offered a lift which I accepted.

As the day arrived, I was feeling pretty nervous for some reason and almost did a U-turn and called it off, but looking like a complete idiot in shirt and tie (I don’t suit them and never wear them), I went along. I did feel like a bit of a numptie even though everyone was very welcoming and friendly and it wasn’t until the visitation was over and we all went back for a meeting that I started to get interested.

Following that first meeting I was pretty hooked, I knew I wanted to join but the guys told me to come along to another one or two meetings or events before making up my mind completely. The next event I believe was a games night against the overage ex-Tablers – an event which after the initial shyness I thoroughly enjoyed (due to our superior cheating skills).

I joined up soon after and in the last (nearly) three years I have had a fantastic time. I have helped organise numerous events, served tea and sandwiches to local older folks, frozen my knackers off taking some old chaps to the football, got ridiculously drunk dressed as a cowboy, pirate and golfer, enjoyed numerous nights out, been involved in decisions to hand over many thousands of pounds to local good causes and made friends for life.

The last point is key for me. For all the great feelings you get helping other people out, the main thing is the friendship and comraderie from my fellow guys in Arbroath Round Table – a greater bunch of idiots you are never likely to meet!

So, why not come along and see what it’s all about? No obligation at all and no costs to you unless you join – we’ll pay for your food and drink. We’ll even pick you up and take you home – how is that for service? Arbroath Round Table is one of the fastest growing Tables in the country apparently – what have you got to lose…?

Call Jamie on 07786 036470 or contact us through email, Facebook or whatever and we’ll get something sorted.


Last Sunday, Arbroath Round Table escorted Santa around the town as is their annual tradition. This year we tried to visit more areas of the town although Santa had a great response wherever he went.

We would like to thank the town for welcoming Santa and for the kind donations made. Santa would like us to inform you that he is looking forward to visiting again on Christmas Eve, this time with reindeer power rather than Colin’s truck!

To keep up with what Arbroath Round Table are up to, follow our Facebook page at:

For more photographs, head over to our dedicated Santa Sleigh Facebook page at:

If you are a guy aged between 18 and 45 and interested in what we do, get in touch. We would be happy to invite you along to some of our meetings and events so you can get an idea of what we get up to – we’ll pay for the food and beer!




Santa Trailer

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One of the clever elves at Round Table HQ has made us a nice wee trailer for our Santa Sleigh this year. We have already posted it across our social media and Youtube, but for completion here it is again!



Cafe Project – kind providers of our new meeting home

For nearly the past two years, Arbroath Round Table have accepted the kind generosity of the Voigt Partnership in providing a base for us to have meetings. Unfortunately, all marvellous things come to an end and we have recently moved our meeting base to the Cafe Project after they kindly offered to put us up.

We had our first meeting there last week and it was good to note that nothing changed – the same nonsense was spouted, the same crazy potential events were discussed and the same heated arguments took place over where we should get our dinner.

Arbroath Round Table would like to thank Voigt Partnership for putting us up over the past few years and look forward to a similar fruitful relationship with Cafe Project.

Hopefully we will soon announce a fundraiser for Cafe Project which we hope you will all get behind. Watch this space for details!


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Ok, so you see our name on a few events in town, you see us giving out cheques to people in the papers and you may even have seen us out on an activity or social event but who are we?

Round Table in Arbroath was established in 1951 and was the 219th Table to form in the UK. There were over a thousand Tables at it’s peak but through time that has reduced in number to around the 500 mark although there are thousands of Tables in over 40 countries in the world. The UK is the home of Round Table though as it was formed in Norwich by Louis Marchesi who was a Rotarian at the time and wanted to start a ‘young mans’ group.

Arbroath Round Table are one of the largest in the UK and we have a proud history of being part of our community and organise some of the towns largest events each year.

Table is a worldwide organisation for men aged 18-45. Traditionally it was 18-40 bit that limit was increased many years back to move with the times and for those thinking ‘an organisation for men only – that’s a bit sexist!’ There is a sister organisation called Ladies Circle although Arbroath doesn’t have a Circle but if anyone wanted to start one we’d be more than happy to support you in doing so.

So what do Round Table do?

Well imagine first of all that every couple of weeks you had a ‘guys night’ down the pub with your pals. You shoot the breeze about anything you want and you might grab a bite to eat whilst doing it, that’s pretty much what we do too with a difference…

We meet twice a month on a Wednesday. Every meeting has a meal involved and whether it be a takeaway or a sit down in a local restaurant, there is always a social element to our meetings. We get together though, not just through friendship but because we want to just be good people and have fun organising events such as Toonfest, Ladies Night, Santa Sleigh, Pensioners Tea Party and dish some money out to local people and organisations from the money we raise.

Outside of our 2 monthly meetings we do lots of social events. Table is a mix of people – single, married, got kids, no kids, young kids, old kids, employed, student, self employed, younger blokes, older blokes and slightly older than that blokes. Our programme has something for everyone and our social events range from a lads day out at Rugby hospitality, meals out with our wives/partners to a family Halloween party – anything goes really and it is a family friendly organisation, if we want to do something we just do it. It might take a little organising but that’s half of the fun!!
That last word of the previous paragraph is very important – FUN. What we get up to is hard work sometimes for sure but it is always fun and doing things you love with a great bunch of guys will always generate a belly full of laughs!!!

If you want to know more because something you’ve seen, heard or read interests you then it’s pretty simple – just get in touch and meet 16 new best pals. We’re an easy going bunch of guys who like doing something for the community and have a meal and a couple of social beers together. There is always room around the Table for a few more.

Call/Text Jamie on 07786 036470 and we’ll get you along to our next meeting or event. Don’t worry there’s no obligation to join – just come along and see what we get up to. It might just be the best decision you ever make!!

Digging In

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Arbroath Round Table are in the Herald again – but not this time for their fundraising abilities but in a nostalgia piece reflecting back in 1991.

This week we have a picture of members of Arbroath and District Round Table who in April 1991 were all busy developing a picnic and barbecue area at the Rosemount Day Hospital for the benefit of patients.


Pictured busily removing turf and topsoil are from left – Arwell Hughes, Ian Hall, chairman; Stephen Kennedy, Murray Livingstone, John Strachan, Heinz Voigt and Jim Copland.

(Arbroath Herald, 17th October 2014. Image from Arbroath Herald)


Check out the piece online here:


This week we presented two of our recently retired Tablers with their tankards and took them out for a meal as a thank you for their service and commitment to Arbroath Round Table over the years.

Our Chairman Mark spoke a few words before the presentation, remembering some of the escapades both Roy and Bob got up to during their Table years — unfortunately, given we don’t have an 18 rating for this blog, we can’t repeat them here 🙂

Round Table is a self replenishing organisation due to it’s age restrictions (18 to 45 if you didn’t already know) and we are always on the look-out for new members and especially younger members. Come along to a few of our meetings and social events to see if you like it before you decide – we even pay for you!

Big thanks to both Bob and Roy for being awesome – they will both be surely missed by Arbroath Round Table



What do you do?

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It’s a question that we often get asked – ‘what do you do?’. Well it isn’t all fund raising and business meetings, we do tend to have a fair few events during the year that just involves us heading out and having a good laugh.

Whilst we meet twice a month, we are trying to move towards just one of those meetings being a (sort of) formal business meeting. During these we discuss forthcoming events and arrangements as well as requests for assistance. Sometimes these take place in a local restaurant but for the most part they take place in our local HQ and we order some food in to eat whilst we chat.

So what else do we do? Well, between now and Christmas we have the following in our calendar:

  • Pub Golf session around the town
  • a visitation to the Webster Theatre
  • our Tablers Tea Party (lunch and entertainment for up to 100 of the towns older folks)
  • our family Halloween Party which takes place annually at the scariest place in Arbroath
  • a Pirate Murder-Mystery which is so mysterious that I have no idea what it is!
  • our Santa Sleigh fund-raiser where we escort Santa around the town
  • a session of bag packing in Morrisons
  • our Christmas Party for both Tablers and partners
so it isn’t all event organisation and fund-raising, we also have quite a lot of social events as well. Interested? Drop us a line for details of our next meeting — guests are free so come along and see what we do over beer (soft drinks are available of course!) and food…