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what a team!

what a team!

After our exploits in the nets at a recent visitation, we decided to put a team into the Cricket Sixes taking place at Arbroath Cricket Club last Sunday. Unfortunately our team was depleted through injury following our run-in with George at our self defence classes but given our complete lack of cricketers, we didn’t get humiliated.

Our first match was against some young guys who could move, run, bat and bowl which put us at a distinct disadvantage, but with the help of our ‘pro’ cricketer Bryce, we managed to put on 59-1 in our 5 overs which we didn’t think was too bad. Our inexperience in the tournament showed when we bowled however, as instead of bowling wide like every other team, we tried to aim for the stumps meaning the ball kept flying over our heads to the boundary. In the end, we lost with four balls remaining which wasn’t too bad a result!

Second up in a losers match, we played some older guys who couldn’t really move but could bat and bowl. Our 39-1 was far too low and we lost in the fourth over.

All in all it was a great Sunday out with family and friends and hopefully it will become another staple on the Round Table calendar. This does mean that we are looking for cricketers to become members to ensure we do better next year – if you fancy being our team superstar, get in touch!

Open Night 2015

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This years Open Night for prospective new members was deemed a success as we welcomed three new prospective members to the Merchants Club in Arbroath for a night of snooker, pool, darts and table bowls. To be honest, the quality of play was pretty abysmal (although Jon surprisingly managed some fine snooker shots even after an afternoon trying too keep up with Colin!) but it was an enjoyable night for all. Whilst most of us disappeared to our homes at midnight, it would appear that a few members ended up in Coast with newest member Gogs wooing the dancefloor with his moves – if anyone has any video of this performance, please send it to us!

As always, we are on the look out for new members so if you want to enjoy a few beers (or tea – our recent AGM deemed tea was also acceptable) with a group of socially minded guys and help out the community with fundraising the community assistance, get in touch. We need more dancers with Gogs skills for this years Ladies Night routine!


Not sure what is going on with Mark's wobbly legs?

Not sure what is going on with Mark’s wobbly legs?

so just over a week back we headed out (with partners in tow) for another round of Pub Golf. Given it seemed most of Arbroath Round Table were in Florida at the time, there were only 6 of us who picked up the gauntlet and headed to the Corner Bar for our first hole.

As we wandered around Arbroath via Lochlands, Station Bar, West Port, Anchor, Central, Spoons, Pageant and Coast we enjoyed the pleasures of awful cheap whisky, evil neat vodka and massive bottles of Hooch – the majority of which were downed in one (please drink responsibly folks!).

Eventually we reached the 9th hole with Rachel being crowned the winner with something like a million below par – she did tell us all at the beginning of the night that ‘I don’t drink…’, which sort of equates to her being a proper hustler!

Anyway, a good night out was had by all! Fancy coming to our next round of Pub Golf? Aged between 18-45 and a bloke? Why not get in touch and come along to one or two of our meetings to see if Round Table is for you?


We are doing a social event at the beginning of October for our members (and any potential guests who may want to come along) by having a round of Pub Golf around the town.

Our last round included some guests from Denmark who were visiting for the weekend and we expanded the course to numerous establishments around Angus – it was a great evening all round although yours truly wasn’t so pleased with the quick round of Buckie when we got back to the harbour in town (if truth be told, mine missed my mouth and ended up in the water!).

If you are thinking about joining Arbroath Round Table and want to join our round, drop us a line for more details. Guests and prospective members welcome and it will give you a decent idea about the fun side of Round Table.