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Once again, Santa chose Arbroath Round Table to escort him around the town, but this year he decided to stop at the local primary schools. We enjoyed a great day with each stop being packed with lots of waiting children, and a fair few waiting mums and dads! Lots of sweeties were consumed (thanks to Asda!) and Santa was pulled around in luxury this year as Mackie Motors kindly donated a vehicle for us to use.

Thanks to everyone as always for coming out to see Santa. Some photo’s are below.

See you in 2016!

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It’s been a crazy busy few months for ART with meetings, donations and Santa Sleigh all happening. Unfortunately, we haven’t updated this site as much as we should and we apologise for that! To bring you up to speed, we carried out a bag-pack session in Morrisons in December and spent a day escorting Santa around Arbroath to record crowds. We have also made a load of donations, details of which can be found on our donation page here.

Hopefully, usual blog service will be restored in the New Year, in the meantime we hope you had a good Christmas and with you the very best for the forthcoming year!

Arbroath Round Table recently expanded its numbers again with the first new member of their 2015-16 year. After helping out at previous community events such as Toonfest and Ladies Night, and attending a few meetings to get a better understanding of the Tables aims and activities, Gordon ‘Gogs’ Lyall joined at a recent meeting in the Cafe Project. Due to the Domino’s that was ordered, his first meeting as a full member was rather windy and a little bit whiffy, but showing true grit Gogs joined in with the best…

Welcome Gogs!

Welcome Gogs!

logo-smallEvery year we have a night where we challenge the 41-Club. This is the club where overage Tablers go to right the worlds wrongs and beat us in quizzes.

We aren’t bitter of course as we take it in turns to organise the night. This year is was the 41-Club who organised and chose a skill they knew they would beat us in – intelligence. True to form, we got battered and that is putting it mildly. The final score was something like 15-5 but we will get our revenge next year when we decide the challenge – kick boxing it is then!

On a serious note, it is always a great night with lots of banter. Retired Tablers are always keen on hearing about what we are up to and there were a few jealous faces when we told them we were heading to the Munich Beer Festival this year. We want to thank the 41-Club for their hospitality and giving us a damn good kicking. In order to have a fighting chance in a few years, if there are any guys aged 18-45 who want to join us and increase the average IQ of the group, please get in touch!

Arbroath Round Table would like to make you aware of our forthcoming Santa Sleigh schedule this coming Sunday (14th December) around Arbroath. We will be making a few extra stops this year as detailed in the schedule and to ensure we cover as much of the town as possible, we will only be stopping at these locations.

All timings are approximate

14:45 Library
15:10 Seaton Road / Horologe Hill
15:35 Cliffburn Road / St Murdoch’s Crescent
16:00 Abbotsford Road / Waverley Terrace
16:25 Monarch’s Rise new housing estate
16:50 Wardykes Avenue / Brechin Road
17:15 Bruce Road
17:40 Kirkton Road shops
18:20 Inverbrothock School
18:40 Kirkton Road / Hunter Road
19:05 Cairnie Road / Falkland Drive
19:30 Timmergreen Shops
19:55 Hospitalfield Road

Children can watch Santa’s progress on our live tracker

All funds raised are used towards our OAP activities in the town including our annual Tablers Tea Party and our OAP Games Night.

Arbroath Round Table keeps going from strength to strength with another new member joining us at a recent meeting. After coming along to a few meetings and events, Iain Hay decided that Round Table was for him and he was welcomed by Mark Cargill our current chairman and the rest of the Tablers present over a beer and Chinese takeaway – who says we can’t be classy?

Classy or not, we did foolishly forget to get a photo of Iain joining up so you’ll just have to imagine the wonderous scene. Sorry about that!

We are always looking for more members though so please get in touch if you would like to spend two nights a month helping local good causes over a beer and food!



We didn’t get a photo of Iain joining up, so here is a funny photo for the intelligent…

Ladies Night 2014 is over and whilst us Tablers are still trying to recover, we are proud to announce that the evening raised £4211.75 which will be donated to Relay For Life Arbroath.

We need to thank everyone involved in the event including all the acts but especially like to thank the near 300 ladies who trusted us to deliver a Saturday evening to remember. I’m not sure all of them remember what happened but they seemed to enjoy it.

Remember to place 22nd August 2015 into your diaries for next years Ladies Night and head over to our Facebook page to secure tickets – they are already going fast!


Arbroath Round Table Santa Sleigh Collection – Sunday 15 December 2013

Santa will be doing his rounds again this year with the help of Arbroath Round Table. Santa will stopping in the places and times shown below so why not come along and say hello. The proceeds raised will be used for an old people’s party next year and other activities to help and support elderly people. Further details of Santa’s route are available on the Round Table website and on our Facebook page.


Sleigh Ride 1 – Cliffburn/Mayfield

Where Will Santa Stop? When (approx)
Stop 1 – Provost Milne Gardens 3.45pm  to  3.55pm
Stop 2 – Burnett Drive 4.00pm  to  4.10pm
Stop 3 – Bottom of Abbotsford Road 4.15pm  to  4.25pm
Stop 4 – Top of Abbotsford Road (junction with Waverley Terrace) 4.30pm  to  4.40pm
Stop 5 – Ness Drive (near bottom of Flairs Avenue) 4.50pm  to  5.00pm


Sleigh Ride 2 – Warddykes

Where Will Santa Stop? When (approx)

Stop 1 – Grampian Gardens (near No.8)

5.20pm  to  5.30pm

Stop 2 – Middle of Warddykes Road

5.40pm  to  5.50pm

Stop 3 – Demondale Road

6.00pm  to  6.10pm

Stop 4 – Bruce Road at bus stop

6.15pm  to  6.25pm


Sleigh Ride 3 – Kirkton

Where Will Santa Stop? When (approx)
Stop 1 – Beechwood Road (near No. 17) 6.50pm  to  7.00pm
Stop 2 – Beechwood Road (near No. 56) 7.10pm  to  7.20pm
Stop 3 – Lauder Road near entrance to Oliver Wynd 7.30pm  to  7.35pm
Stop 4 – End of Lauder Road at junction with Corsar Croft 7.40pm  to  7.45pm
Stop 5 – Top of Herald Avenue 7.50pm  to  8.00pm
Stop 6 – East Kirkton Road near entrance to Ella Cargill Place 8.15pm


Santa Sleigh 2013 - KirktonSanta Sleigh 2013 - WarddykesSanta Sleigh 2013 - Cliffburn & Mayfield