Cricket Sixes 2015

what a team!

what a team!

After our exploits in the nets at a recent visitation, we decided to put a team into the Cricket Sixes taking place at Arbroath Cricket Club last Sunday. Unfortunately our team was depleted through injury following our run-in with George at our self defence classes but¬†given our complete lack of cricketers, we didn’t get humiliated.

Our first match was against some young guys who could move, run, bat and bowl which put us at a distinct disadvantage, but with the help of our ‘pro’ cricketer Bryce, we managed to put on 59-1 in our 5 overs which we didn’t think was too bad. Our inexperience in the tournament showed when we bowled however, as instead of bowling wide like every other team, we tried to aim for the stumps meaning the ball kept flying over our heads to the boundary. In the end, we lost with four balls remaining which wasn’t too bad a result!

Second up in a losers match, we played some older guys who couldn’t really move but could bat and bowl. Our 39-1 was far too low and we lost in the fourth over.

All in all it was a great Sunday out with family and friends and hopefully it will become another staple on the Round Table calendar. This does mean that we are looking for cricketers to become members to ensure we do better next year – if you fancy being our team superstar, get in touch!