What Is Round Table Community Service?

Community Service is the name given to all of the things the Round Table does for the local community. It covers the fundraising activity we do, the donations we make and any other help which we provide.

Helping out clubs, organisations and individuals in need is one of the main purposes of Round Tables up and down the country and in Arbroath we’re no different. We put a lot of our time and effort into fundraising so we can help people, clubs, etc in the local area.

It’s not all about money though and we can sometimes offer help in other ways by donating our time and a few extra pairs of hands if that’s what you need.

What happens with money raised?

All our fundraising money goes into our Community Service Fund and it’s from that Fund that we make financial donations from requests received.

Are there any overheads met from funds raised?

No. All Round Tablers give their time for free and that includes all the administration which goes with running our Club so every penny that’s raised goes back to good causes.

Round Table members pay monthly subscriptions to be part of the club and to cover our social activities. Members’ subscription money is kept entirely separate from the Community Service Fund. The Community Service Fund is only ever used to support community service activities.

How Do I Ask For Help?

You can ask for help by getting in touch with us. There are 3 ways to ask for our help. You can:-

  • apply on-line using our application form, our website is www.arbroathroundtable.org.uk
  • write us a letter, our address is at the bottom of the page
  • e-mail us at enquiries@arbroathroundtable.org.uk

Regardless of how you contact us we always need information about who you are, what you are asking for support on and why. Our online application form shows you the sort of information we need so we can consider your request for support.

You can also let us know about your project by speaking to a Round Table member.

What Type of Things do you Support?

We will consider supporting just about anything which we think is worthwhile and will make a difference for people in our local community.

We tend to favour projects and initiatives which will in some way support children and young people, older people and disabled people. We will also support able bodied adult only groups depending on why they are seeking our support.

The bottom line is just ask – we will consider all applications we receive – it only takes a few minutes to apply and if we say no what have you lost?


How much can be applied for?

There’s no financial limit on requests for support but our funds are limited so most of our donations tend to be for a few hundred pounds. Our level of support will depend on what is being applied for and why and how much money we have left in our Community Service Fund. Sometimes we may have to turn down a request because our funds are too low but we try not to let that happen.

How do you decide which applications to support?

All applications for support are submitted to one of our regular meetings (usually once a month) and the members present at that meeting will vote on whether to support the application and if it is seeking money how much we will provide. Occasionally we may need to seek further information from applicants before making a decision.

Are there any strings attached to getting Round Table support?

Not really. All we usually ask is for a photo of us e.g. presenting a cheque to help promote what we’re doing in the community.

If you are asking for support towards a specific project or initiative we may make a pledge of support which will only be paid once the project or initiative is confirmed as going ahead.

Do you support national charities?

We believe that money raised locally should stay locally. We do occasionally fundraise for national charities e.g. Cancer Research UK but if we’re doing that we’ll always make it clear that we’re collecting for a specific cause rather than our local Community Service Fund. We will also support Angus or Tayside clubs or organisations but only if these are helping people local to Arbroath and surrounding area.

Can I apply more than once?

Yes you can but because our funds are limited we may decide to support requests from people who haven’t applied before. We’re not usually able to provide money on a recurring basis – we tend to support one off donations for specific things.

Is there anything you can’t support?

There’s very little we wouldn’t consider but we wouldn’t support anything illegal or discriminatory. Round Table is a non political organisation so we can’t support things of a political nature and we have no religious ties so wouldn’t support projects which seek to promote specific religious beliefs. Unfortunately we can’t act as a substitute for the welfare system.

When should I apply?

Our advice would be to apply as early as you can – we only meet to consider donations and support once a month and we have a break in July & August so please bear these factors in mind.

How can I get involved with Round Table or its Community Service Activities?

There’s actually quite a lot you can do. You could:-

  1. Become a member of the Round Table – all men aged 18-45 can join Round Table
  2. Help us out at one of our events – we’re always looking for volunteers to help out in some way
  3. Come to one of our fundraisers like Toonfest or chip in when you see us with our collection tins

Colin Galloway
Community Service Liaison Officer
Arbroath Round Table No 219
16 September 2014