Krazy Kanoeing

This past weekend we were invited with families to enjoy the company of the Forfar Canoeing Club for a gently paddle around on Forfar loch for an hour or so.

Somewhere along the line the arrangements changed and we ended up down at Dunkeld for a rather longer paddle down the River Tay!

Everyone agreed that it was a fantastic day. All apart from me that is as my canoeing experience lasted less than 10 seconds before my high centre of gravity and larger than average weight tipped me into the warm embraces of the silvery tay. After floundering around on the underwater rocks like some form of strange bald scouse bambi, I managed to return to shore completely drenched and with a few gallons of water in my stomach. Being the strong, never-give-up type I gave up immediately and volunteered my services as the shuttle and wait for the party downstream.

Anyways a fantastic day out even if it was a little longer, a little colder and a little more strenous than expected. Massive thanks to Forfar Canoe Club for the invite.

If you want to take part in our next event, why not come along to a meeting and see how things work? We always have an open invitation to men aged 18-45.


Pre canoeing selfie - note how dry we all are!

Pre canoeing selfie – note how dry we all are!