Meeting Update – 21st January 2015


Quite a hectic agenda for this weeks meeting and we were joined by another prospective new member. After the core issues were taken care of (the chipper was chosen), we got down to business.

We heard a brief update on our Ladies Night event later in the year along with an update on a forthcoming event that is yet to be finalised.

Also discussed was a trip to Munich (picture above) later in the year to enjoy one or two small beers here and there, along with a discussion about what to do during our AGM (Annual General Meeting) in April which is likely to take the form of heading somewhere to do some quad biking followed by somewhere else to have a few drinks.

Steve and Marty went to pick up the chipper supper but returned questioning the order. Somehow a disaster had occurred and we were one fish supper short!!! Fortunately we were one burger supper over so the natural forces of balance were restored.

Before the meeting ended we discussed one or two donation request thatwe had received and also finalised numbers for a forthcoming trip to Forfar to watch the Rugby (although people seem to hope the game is off so we can enjoy the hospitality a bit more!)

As always, we invite all men aged 18-45 to come along to one of our meetings/events/days out to see what it is all about. No funny handshakes or anything, we are just normal guys doing our best to help out our local town.

 [EDIT: post updated from original article to mention the missing fish supper disaster!]