Meeting Update – 7th January 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

So we had our first meeting of 2015 earlier this week. Our stock of beer was supplemented by holiday party leftovers and we decided to start the New Year with a new start of healthy eating – hence we ordered kebabs.

A few discussions were had, mainly over hanging TV’s on walls although more serious business involved approving a budget for this years Ladies Night.

An initial working-group was created for our Casino Night in a few months and basic logistics were discussed.

Throughout the evening there were mentions to the various hangovers achieved over the festive period but it was decided that these were down to the multi-coloured shots that were provided at various Tabler parties.

We currently have no outstanding requests for assistance or advice so if you are part of a local group that could benefit from Round Table advice or maybe a financial donation, just fill in the form via the Contact Us link on this page.

The meeting closed around 10:15.

Happy New Year to you all!