Ok, so you see our name on a few events in town, you see us giving out cheques to people in the papers and you may even have seen us out on an activity or social event but who are we?

Round Table in Arbroath was established in 1951 and was the 219th Table to form in the UK. There were over a thousand Tables at it’s peak but through time that has reduced in number to around the 500 mark although there are thousands of Tables in over 40 countries in the world. The UK is the home of Round Table though as it was formed in Norwich by Louis Marchesi who was a Rotarian at the time and wanted to start a ‘young mans’ group.

Arbroath Round Table are one of the largest in the UK and we have a proud history of being part of our community and organise some of the towns largest events each year.

Table is a worldwide organisation for men aged 18-45. Traditionally it was 18-40 bit that limit was increased many years back to move with the times and for those thinking ‘an organisation for men only – that’s a bit sexist!’ There is a sister organisation called Ladies Circle although Arbroath doesn’t have a Circle but if anyone wanted to start one we’d be more than happy to support you in doing so.

So what do Round Table do?

Well imagine first of all that every couple of weeks you had a ‘guys night’ down the pub with your pals. You shoot the breeze about anything you want and you might grab a bite to eat whilst doing it, that’s pretty much what we do too with a difference…

We meet twice a month on a Wednesday. Every meeting has a meal involved and whether it be a takeaway or a sit down in a local restaurant, there is always a social element to our meetings. We get together though, not just through friendship but because we want to just be good people and have fun organising events such as Toonfest, Ladies Night, Santa Sleigh, Pensioners Tea Party and dish some money out to local people and organisations from the money we raise.

Outside of our 2 monthly meetings we do lots of social events. Table is a mix of people – single, married, got kids, no kids, young kids, old kids, employed, student, self employed, younger blokes, older blokes and slightly older than that blokes. Our programme has something for everyone and our social events range from a lads day out at Rugby hospitality, meals out with our wives/partners to a family Halloween party – anything goes really and it is a family friendly organisation, if we want to do something we just do it. It might take a little organising but that’s half of the fun!!
That last word of the previous paragraph is very important – FUN. What we get up to is hard work sometimes for sure but it is always fun and doing things you love with a great bunch of guys will always generate a belly full of laughs!!!

If you want to know more because something you’ve seen, heard or read interests you then it’s pretty simple – just get in touch and meet 16 new best pals. We’re an easy going bunch of guys who like doing something for the community and have a meal and a couple of social beers together. There is always room around the Table for a few more.

Call/Text Jamie on 07786 036470 and we’ll get you along to our next meeting or event. Don’t worry there’s no obligation to join – just come along and see what we get up to. It might just be the best decision you ever make!!