New Premises for ART

Cafe Project – kind providers of our new meeting home

For nearly the past two years, Arbroath Round Table have accepted the kind generosity of the Voigt Partnership in providing a base for us to have meetings. Unfortunately, all marvellous things come to an end and we have recently moved our meeting base to the Cafe Project after they kindly offered to put us up.

We had our first meeting there last week and it was good to note that nothing changed – the same nonsense was spouted, the same crazy potential events were discussed and the same heated arguments took place over where we should get our dinner.

Arbroath Round Table would like to thank Voigt Partnership for putting us up over the past few years and look forward to a similar fruitful relationship with Cafe Project.

Hopefully we will soon announce a fundraiser for Cafe Project which we hope you will all get behind. Watch this space for details!