New Year, New Goals – Confessions of a Round Table Virgin

What is your resolution? Losing weight? Making a new start? Giving up drinking? Let’s face it, most of us will conveniently forget about our resolutions before the end of January so why not do something you can stick with, will benefit yourself and others and allow you to meet new friends?

No matter what we do here at Arbroath Round Table, some people still have a perception that we are some strange secret society with induction routines and silly handshakes. Wrong.

Given the inaccurate perceptions, I thought I would give you a quick story about how and why I joined Round Table.

First let me say that I am not from Arbroath. I relocated up here back in 1999 with my family for work. Over the years I have made a few good friends in the town and had work colleagues in my offices in Dundee, however back in 2012 I decided I wanted to expand my friends network and maybe give something back to society.

I didn’t have a clue what to do but remembered hearing about Round Table at some point in my life. Like others, I thought it a strange club full of silly handshakes and suits and ties. However, after some encouragement from my wife who was probably keen to get me out from under her feet, I sent an email to ask for info.

I immediately got a response and was invited to a forthcoming meeting. I was told that because it was a visit to an external company, that I should dress smartly if possible and was offered a lift which I accepted.

As the day arrived, I was feeling pretty nervous for some reason and almost did a U-turn and called it off, but looking like a complete idiot in shirt and tie (I don’t suit them and never wear them), I went along. I did feel like a bit of a numptie even though everyone was very welcoming and friendly and it wasn’t until the visitation was over and we all went back for a meeting that I started to get interested.

Following that first meeting I was pretty hooked, I knew I wanted to join but the guys told me to come along to another one or two meetings or events before making up my mind completely. The next event I believe was a games night against the overage ex-Tablers – an event which after the initial shyness I thoroughly enjoyed (due to our superior cheating skills).

I joined up soon after and in the last (nearly) three years I have had a fantastic time. I have helped organise numerous events, served tea and sandwiches to local older folks, frozen my knackers off taking some old chaps to the football, got ridiculously drunk dressed as a cowboy, pirate and golfer, enjoyed numerous nights out, been involved in decisions to hand over many thousands of pounds to local good causes and made friends for life.

The last point is key for me. For all the great feelings you get helping other people out, the main thing is the friendship and comraderie from my fellow guys in Arbroath Round Table – a greater bunch of idiots you are never likely to meet!

So, why not come along and see what it’s all about? No obligation at all and no costs to you unless you join – we’ll pay for your food and drink. We’ll even pick you up and take you home – how is that for service? Arbroath Round Table is one of the fastest growing Tables in the country apparently – what have you got to lose…?

Call Jamie on 07786 036470 or contact us through email, Facebook or whatever and we’ll get something sorted.