Request for Help

Please go to the Contact Us page and fill in the online form as best you can. We will then receive the form and discuss it at our next meeting. Our meetings take place twice a month on the first and third wednesdays of each month.

Remember that it isn’t just financial donations we can assist with. We have lots of equipment that may help you out along with lots of bodies that are used to both organising and stewarding events.

OVERSEAS TRIPS: please be aware that whilst we have supported life-experiences for local people who carry out community projects overseas in the past, we do tend to concentrate on local causes. We believe overseas community projects are fantastic and that they can provide amazing life experiences for people, however the benefit to the local community is small and therefore we are tending not to support these requests at this moment in time. That of course doesn’t mean we won’t discuss such a request at our next meeting – we discuss ALL requests.