Santa Sleigh 2015

Santa is coming back to Arbroath and we are helping him out again – how awesome is that! You can keep up to date with news on Santa’s visit on our Facebook page here, or via the Facebook event page here.

Like last year, Santa has told us he can only give us one day – 20th December, therefore we can only stop at certain places and we hope that you will be able to meet us there. This year Santa suggested we stop at primary schools as everyone knows where they are, including the children so this is what we have done. The map below shows our stop list and our route if you want to look out for Santa travelling past.

15:00 ASDA Car Park
15:20 Harbour
15:40 Library
16:00 St Thomas’s Primary (Seaton Road)
16:25 Hayshead Primary (St Abb’s Road)
16:55 Meadowbank
17:25 Wardykes Primary (Brechin Road)
17:50 Bruce Road
18:40 Inverbrothock Primary (East Kirkton Road)
19:05 Muirfield Primary (School Road)
19:30 Ladyloan Primary (Millgate Loan)

Remember, tell Santa you are coming to see him by getting your mum or dad to say they are coming to the event on Facebook here.