Self Defence…

post workout

post workout

If there is one thing we will all remember from our self-defence session with George Ferrie (Commonwealth games medallist no less), it was his repeated assertion that it should be ‘fun’. Unfortunately, given the fact that our bodies aren’t the temples they once were, ‘fun’ probably wasn’t the best word to us – ‘painful’ or ‘agonising’ would probably be more apt.
George started us off slowly before quickly putting us in wristlocks and telling us to go for the groin and eyes. Steve didn’t survive the encounter and Big Red ended up with his shoulder a bit more tender than when he started.

After 90 minutes, George let us go and whilst we all ended up in complete agony the following day, it was a great session and we all know what to do now if we ever get caught in a fight around the town (at least, we know what we should do – whether we do it is a different matter!).

James having 'fun'

James having ‘fun’