What do you do?


It’s a question that we often get asked – ‘what do you do?’. Well it isn’t all fund raising and business meetings, we do tend to have a fair few events during the year that just involves us heading out and having a good laugh.

Whilst we meet twice a month, we are trying to move towards just one of those meetings being a (sort of) formal business meeting. During these we discuss forthcoming events and arrangements as well as requests for assistance. Sometimes these take place in a local restaurant but for the most part they take place in our local HQ and we order some food in to eat whilst we chat.

So what else do we do? Well, between now and Christmas we have the following in our calendar:

  • Pub Golf session around the town
  • a visitation to the Webster Theatre
  • our Tablers Tea Party (lunch and entertainment for up to 100 of the towns older folks)
  • our family Halloween Party which takes place annually at the scariest place in Arbroath
  • a Pirate Murder-Mystery which is so mysterious that I have no idea what it is!
  • our Santa Sleigh fund-raiser where we escort Santa around the town
  • a session of bag packing in Morrisons
  • our Christmas Party for both Tablers and partners
so it isn’t all event organisation and fund-raising, we also have quite a lot of social events as well. Interested? Drop us a line for details of our next meeting — guests are free so come along and see what we do over beer (soft drinks are available of course!) and food…