What is Round Table

Ordinary guys doing extraordinary things….


1. Meeting and making lifetime friends you wouldn’t otherwise have met

It is a great opportunity to meet like minded people from all over.

We now have friends from all over Scotland including Montrose (I know that’s hard to believe), England, Wales, Sweden, Austria, USA, South America etc etc

2. Trying new experiences you wouldn’t have experienced …..

  • Burns Supper (Xmas Burns Supper, Rabbi Burns, Chinese Burns Suppers)
  • Gliding, Paintball, Being Santa, Human 10 Pin Bowling (Drew)
  • Water Ski-ing, Murder Mystery Nights,
  • Jet Ski-ing,
  • Helicopter rides,
  • Zip sliding through a rain forest
  • White water rafting
  • Body shots !!!

3. You can learn new stuff …..

Actual Table office posts expose you to new things ..

  • Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary etc
  • Event organisation


4. You can put something back into the Community ……..

The best fun we have had has been giving something back to the Community,

  • Helping Local Charities,
  • OAP Nights,
  • Visiting and donating to CHAS at Kinross,
  • Santa sleigh
  • Building shelfs and kitting out a store for Starter Packs

5. It’s not just local, it’s a world wide club ….

As we said before we now have friends all over the world and have had friends from Sweden and the USA stay with us over the last couple of years. We were home hosted in Eugene, Oregon last year and made to feel so welcome. In fact some guys felt so comfortable with their hosts that they fell asleep in the Silver Dollar !!!!

At WOCO in Costa Rica and Las Vegas we made so many friends from all over the world.

We also donated to local charities when we were in Las Vegas and Eugene.


Who wouldn’t want to do that ?


The Myths …

1. I don’t have enough time ……..

No one has enough time, we are all busy. But Round Table is not an onerous task. You give what time you can, if you can make a meeting great, if not its not a problem.

We normally meet 2 nights a month (first and third Wednesday) apart from when we have an event coming up to organise or have a social event to go to.

2. It’s a Businessmans club …..

Rubbish – half of us work for the Council, and you certainly do not need to own a business to be a member.

When you go to other Table meetings or Dinners you find that they are full of ordinary genuine people just the same as us.

3. I am not good at asking people for money …..

Everyone has their strengths, some members are good at physical work, some are good at raising money, some are ideas people, some are good organisers.It is a team game and it is good fun exposing yourself to things that are perhaps out of your comfort zone.

4. Is it not all about Funny Handshakes …..

It is true that you will make friends that will ultimately do anything for you and that you will have made a friend for life. But is it a bad thing to know that there is a bunch of guys around that will help you when you need them and however they can. What it isn’t is a secret club that meets behind closed doors and can’t tell anyone what they do.

5. I am too young to join Round Table …..

Crap – It is an 18 to 45 year olds club, in fact the 45 year olds still think they are 18 at times. Age is no barrier to what we do and if you want to go and see McFly then Rosie will be there, also if you want to go and see Cliff Richard then Rosie will be there too !!

If you share the same values of having fun and giving something back it doesn’t matter whether you are 18 or 45. A healthy Round Table should have a mix of ages to bring youthful enthusiasm as well as experience to the Table.

6. I am not sure if Round Table is for me …..

That’s easy, why not come along to a couple of meetings and see what it is all about. You would be made most welcome and you will find that not only are the visitations fun but the “Business” meetings aren’t like what they sound. The “Business” meetings are mainly to deal with requests for help and to plan forthcoming events but you will find that they are also a lot of fun as well.

In Round Table if its not fun we don’t do it !!


Round Table Office Posts

We have various Office Posts such as :-

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • CSLO
  • Sports & Social Officer
  • Area Officer
  • International Officer


Round Table Meetings

We aim to have two meetings a month on the first and third Wednesdays.

The aim is to have one business meeting and one social meeting and we have a flexible programme made up for the year.

Fun, Friendship and Fundraising – The main aims is to have fun, and also to give something back to the Community. However as we have said before you will make friends not just in Arbroath but all over Scotland and further afield.

Business meetings are relatively informal and at one we would deal with requests for donations to various causes. We all debate the merits or otherwise of the application and then vote on whether to support it or not, and how much to donate. Should the votes be even then the Chairman has the casting vote.


Round Table Members

The members of Arbroath Round Table are just ordinary guys aged from our 20’s to our 40’s. We have a mix of guys who do different things – we have guys who work in retail, a plasterer, a financial advisor, a painter and decorator, a lecturer, a games producer, an electrician, a taxi driver, a civil servant, an engineer, a plumber, a chef and a photographer amongst others. Like we said, we are just a normal bunch of guys who enjoy helping others…


We hope we have given you an insight into what Arbroath Round Table is and just what you are all missing out on.

Thank you for your interest.